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How about a trip AND credit towards your degree?

We are proud to say that our Global Innovation Program has been approved for academic credit at a plethora of universities. This allows students to access resources like government loans plus other university support in the form of travel insurance, scholarships and more.

We welcome post-grad and undergrad students, and are open to applicants from all faculties and degrees.

If you’ve got the mindset, curiosity and drive to join us, check out what’s available at your uni below, or email us to make an enquiry about your institution.

It is not necessary for students to seek credit in order to apply for the program.

Check our comprehensive list for University Credit

I don’t see my University…

Hmm, it’s likely we are working on it, but don’t fret! You can still attend even if there is not a formal accreditation process. We’ve previously hosted students from:

  • QUT

  • Monash University

  • University of Melbourne

  • Sydney School of Entrepreneurship

  • and more…

Contact us to see how we could make this work for you.