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The Hacker Exchange exists to change the face of business, by creating a generation of leaders who are global citizens, who never stop learning, and who take action to create the world they want. 

We operate at the intersection of tertiary education and entrepreneurship, delivering a reimagined academic experience which is intense, immersive and based in the real world.

Through our global innovation programs, modular courses and community engagement, The Hacker Exchange gives people the power and tools to break out of their boundaries, and the confidence to think and act globally - while still accessing academic accreditation from world-class universities.

The Hacker Exchange came to life through the experimentation, passion and curiosity of our co-founders, Bevis Cheng and Jeanette Cheah. 

Meeting over a Thursday afternoon glass of red in 2016, Bevis and Jeanette shared ideas about startups and the future of work from their perspectives on opposite ends of the globe. 

A recovering institutional banker, Bevis relocated to San Francisco working in angel investing and property entrepreneurship. Immersed in the Silicon Valley startup scene, Bevis had some questions: Where is all the Aussie talent on the global stage? What needs to happen to help create the skills that will power our new-age economy? 

Meanwhile, Jeanette was enjoying a career in corporate digital innovation when she chose to upskill in UX design and launched her first business. Suddenly surrounded by creative, tech-focused and globally ambitious founders, Jeanette wondered… what changes in mindset and capabilities could help these talented people turn great ideas into scalable startups?

Teaming up, Bevis and Jeanette designed a program robust enough for academic accreditation and in February 2017, they ran their first pilot program to Silicon Valley.


Pay it forward

Pledge 1%


The Hacker Exchange is a proud member of Pledge 1%, a movement which inspires philanthropy right from the early-stages of a business. We have Pledged 1% of TIME - allowing our people to give back through volunteering, and 1% PRODUCT - for migrant & refugee founders.


UN Sustainable Development Goals

In 2015, countries adopted the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development and its 17 Sustainable Development Goals. Businesses, governments and individuals can all contribute to these goals in some way. Here are the eight goals where we hope to make a difference:

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