Getting A Head Start in Singapore!


Our Tips & Tricks To Survive In Singapore!

Written by James Ruta and Niky Chen

As we pass the first month after our inaugural Singapore Program, the HEX 3.2 Alumni have rallied once more- ready to drop the lessons we’ve picked up during our time in the city where passion is possible.

Be patient, and continue reaching out
Not all agreements come about by the end of a brief chat, a beer, or even a night out- and this is certainly the case in Singapore. Cultivate and hone your elevator pitch, and accept that sometimes, your end goal may end up being securing yet another discussion, rather than the elusive offer. Reaching out and following up on your discussions is also key to building your connections and network here; so keep your business cards handy and up to date- you’ll never know who you might encounter!

Know who you’re speaking to, and seek to exchange solutions
It’s easy to fall into the trap of selling yourself endlessly when talking to someone, but remember- they almost certainly have a problem that they’d like solved too. Seek to convert the interaction into a two-way channel and build mutual trust by asking what you can offer as well. This is far easier if you know who you’re speaking to beforehand- do your research and see what pain points you can alleviate!

You are how you act
Speaking up can be difficult at times, but nobody is out to get you for asking a question or offering a thought during discussions. Confidence is a state of mind that can be trained- and speaking up despite any nerves will train that muscle. The next time you catch yourself holding back, raise your hand and let your voice be heard- sometimes, all you need is a single moment of courage.

Don’t hesitate to ask, and take the opportunity to experiment
Whether you’re looking to participate in a dedicated program or study tour, or still studying in university, there are countless opportunities to experiment all around you. The benefit you derive for yourself is dependent on the proviso that you actually seek them out, so take advantage! Say yes to as much as you can- comfort zones can be nice but you risk limiting your own growth there!

Kaya Toast, man…
This final lesson is a hot tip from our very own HEX Kaya Toast Connoisseur, James Ruta:
“Find one of Ya Kun Kaya Toast’s cafes and try the stuff. You’re welcome.”

Final Thoughts
Whether you want to differentiate yourself as a university student or graduate, or if you have your own startup idea that you’re seeking to pursue, the Hacker Exchange will help you to achieve that- how many of your peers have validated and pitched a startup idea to real VC’s in one of the biggest innovation cities in the world?

This wraps it up from our cohort- Rubber Ducks, out!

Niky Chen and James Ruta
On behalf of HEX 3.2

Jeanette Cheah