Meet Annette McClelland, CEO of Tekuma


Meet HEX Alumni, Annette McClelland.

There’s nothing we love more than a good ‘where are they now?’, and we’re thrilled to introduce you to Annette McClelland from our HEX 1.2 program in San Francisco.

Annette is the CEO and Co-Founder of Tekuma, a hardware startup that has designed an innovative approach to drone and robotic controllers – applicable to robotics, space, entertainment and defence.

With an background in communications and media, and an MBA under her belt, Annette is the business and marketing mind of Team Tekuma. Meanwhile, her Co-Founder, Michael Griffin is the techie and a qualified Mechatronics Engineer. Talk about a dream team!

What’s the problem Tekuma is solving?

Tekuma is reinventing tactile controllers.

If you’ve ever flown a drone or controlled a robot, you know it’s counter-intuitive. And even as devices, drones and robots are updated over time, the  two-joystick control interface has not been updated in over 80 years.

And if you want to use another attachment at the same time – like a cameras or robotic arm – that’s a whole other ball game. Tekuma’s one-handed controllers are intuitive, universal and robust, and can be used by little kids, all the way through to 83 year olds.

What has Tekuma been up to since The Hacker Exchange?

Since Annette joined us in San Francisco in December 2017, she and her Co-Founder, Michael, have been busy hustling, pitching, and winning multiple awards across the globe.

Most recently, they have won a pitching competition in Copenhagen, pitched in Shenzhen, China, demonstrated their technology at The Powerhouse Museum in Sydney and participated in Spark Festival multiple times.

Not only that, Annette and Michael have appeared on a Chinese version of ‘Shark Tank’ called ‘The Next Unicorn‘. They’re the winners of multiple University of Technology Sydney (UTS) awards, have presented at CSIRO, won yet another trip to China, and much more! 

Now, Team Tekuma is embarking on their latest journey, joining the six-month Venture Catalyst Space incubator in Adelaide, SA.

Annette also had some words of advice for future HEXies…

If you have the opportunity, go for it! Invest in a truly engaging, eye-opening, possibly life-changing experience. It is up to you to make the most of it.

Next up? You can catch Annette and Michael at the Pitch @ Palace event at University of South Australia on November 26 2018, platform to amplify and accelerate the work of Entrepreneurs founded by the Duke of York.

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We are super proud of our Alumni! Keep up the hustle.

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