How to sell yourself in under 30 seconds!

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Have you heard of the term 30 Second Elevator Pitch? And ever thought, what on earth is the fuss! Here is an post I’ve written to help you out a bit.

Disclaimer: Although this blog is about a 30 second elevator pitch, this article may take longer than 30 seconds to read.

Imagine. You are on your way to drop off you’re submission for that dream spot on [Insert dream organisation]. (Yes I know everything is online now days, but just bare with me ok).

Hell, it’s a 40 degrees day, but that ain’t going to stop that skip in your stride. Just as you walk into the lobby, you see the elevator door shutting, hell no – already sweaty and sticky – you make a run for it.

As the elevator rides up, you think, ‘hmm great now I am going to look even more unprofessional and unready because I am sweating like a nervous scaredy pig. How on earth am I going to make my submission stand out. If only there was a magical way…’

The doors open, and more people step in. And wait, is that the Head HR person for the [insert dream organisation]. You only know this because you’ve done your LinkedIn stalking (as suggested per prior post).

They smile at you…oh shit…what do you say. This is ultimately your one opportunity to stand out. You now realise that this is the perfect time to perform that elevator pitch that everyone at HEX has been drumming on about.


So what exactly is an elevator pitch?

Well according to Google it’s ‘a succinct and persuasive sales pitch’. Enough said. Jokes.

The way I like to break down an elevator pitch is a short, 30-60 second thought-out and refined sales pitch that explains to someone 1. who you are, 2. describes a problem in the market, and 3. describes the solution or your proposed business idea.  

Here is an example that I came up with during completing the HEX program.

(1) “Hi, I am Kate and founder of Little Blue Bird”

(2) “We are an on-demand mobile service for busy moms, young children and aged care who are time poor, working full times jobs or can’t easily leave the house”

(3) “We connect you with quality beauty services in the comfort of your own home. Our web platform allows our customers to review beauty specialists, refer friends and get instantaneous comparative quotes. Our are services are at the tip of you fingers, all you need to do is book online.”

Additionally, when coming up with my pitch I found answering the following questions helped me to refine my final pitch before I crafted it together.

  • What markets are you evaluating? Beauty / Cosmetics

  • Who are you target customers? Busy moms, young children, elderly

  • What are key product + service drivers? Comfort own home, reviews, refer a friend, quotes

  • How will the product + service make a difference? Will it change the service industry? Gives more flexibility to service industry / customers, Online payments, Easy to refer / Easy to make recommendations / Easier WOM

So next time whether you are in an elevator, at a meet up, entrepreneurship conference, hanging with friends, or you just so happen to run into somebody who knows somebody, next time you’ll be able to perform that perfectly scripted 30 second elevator pitch that will hopefully make you stand out from the crowd or lead into a deeper dialogue about what your business is.

Over and out HEXies,
Kate Abbott from the HEX team.