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Start with an idea, problem, or passion — and learn what it takes to transform it into a scaleable startup business or a global social movement. Our programs are hands-on, immersive, heaps of fun, and focussed on developing you into a #nextgen leader ready to take on the future. Where will you go from here…?

Silicon Valley
July 2020


Home to some of the biggest tech giants, such as Google, LinkedIn and Atlassian, it is no surprise Silicon Valley holds the reputation of a global tech startup hub. Immerse yourself in the vibrant and innovative culture, connect with forward thinking entrepreneurs, network like a boss with investors and talk over coffee with experienced founders.

Tel Aviv
February 2020


Known as the startup nation, Israel offers a truly sophisticated network of major global investors, startups, corporate innovation and government policy. Israel will not only give you the networks and resources to go global, but will change your perspective on business and life - no exaggeration.

May/June 2020


Melbourne, Australia, held the title of ‘World’s Most Liveable City’ for seven years running – so clearly something good is happening Down Under!

If you’ve ever wanted to experience Australian startup and business culture, and study in Melbourne, The Hacker Exchange is proud to welcome you to our spiritual home.

June/July 2020


Keen to study in Singapore? With amazing innovative policies, a flexible working culture, and easy access to emerging Asian startup economies, Singapore has recently overtaken Silicon Valley as the world’s #1 place for startup talent. Not to mention, founders in Singapore are, on average, the youngest in the world!


don’t just play the game.
change the game.

At The Hacker Exchange, our mission is to connect the next generation of entrepreneurs and leaders with the opportunities, passion & networks that can only be found in global innovation cities.

Through immersive boot camps, university programs and strategic connections in Silicon Valley, Tel Aviv, Singapore, and Melbourne, our students emerge as a generation of leaders ready to take action to change the world.

Our philosophy? To inspire action, pay it forward and never stop learning.


Our network of diverse & emerging leaders spans the globe.


And for us ‘diversity’ isn’t just a buzzword.

Previous HEX legends have studied visual arts, sociology, geography, gaming, archeology (yep, really!), marketing, finance, fashion, food science, social enterprise, computer science, medicine and more…

We’ve had PhDs and second year students in the same program. Our youngest alum is 18 and our oldest is 70-something! When we say we’re after diversity, we mean we want diverse life experience, views, and ideas. So don’t hold back!

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The word on the street…

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Sarah, HEX 1.1
Silicon Valley

“You aren’t just visiting the place, you are really immersing yourself into it. It’s first-hand, practical experience - something that you wouldn’t learn in the classroom.”

Sarah is a Graphic Designer and Illustrator with skills in UX/UI design, motion graphics, projection and video editing. Before her experience with HEX, Sarah had never considered a career in technology. Sarah has now secured a job as a Designer at Google Creative Lab.


Puji, HEX 1.0
Silicon Valley

“It was an exciting yet challenging experience, and it’s a great step to take in figuring out what you want to do next in life.”

Puji’s passion for innovation has taken him to San Francisco where he has worked alongside other founders, coaches and thought leaders. After his HEX experience, Puji won a scholarship to complete part of his MBA at Stanford University, and now works at EY as a strategy consultant.


Sean Grealy, 2.0
Tel Aviv

“It's beyond just an entrepreneurship program - it's full immersion in another culture which will challenge you, inspire you and make you reflect on your own community.”

Sean is the co-founder of Hestia, an innovative company bringing new ideas to life with a niche focus in aged care and disability. Hestia’s first creation is Care Konnect a communication, complaint management and service quality app for aged care organisations. Since his HEX experience, Sean has successfully landed a partnership with a corporate client, and been accepted into leading accelerator programs.

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